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The Best Ways to Make Use of An Avent Bottle Warmer

Avent bottle warmers, made by Philips, give a fast and efficient means to work out your infant’s milk, formula or strong child foods. Philips makes 2 different sorts of Avent bottle warmers. The first one has a straightforward knob for setting the temperature of the device. The various other is an electronic system with multiple settings, depending upon just what as well as just how much you are heating up. Both use hot water to bring either a bottle or food container to the proper temperature.

Electric Bottle and Baby Food Warmer

Step 1

The area the warmer on a stable, level surface, and also connect it in. Location the warmer basket in the warmer base.

Step 2

The area the filled up, set up child bottle or food container in the warmer. For smaller bottles or containers, fill up the warmer with water to simply over the level of milk in the bottle or food in the container. For larger containers or containers, load the warmer with water to just below the rim of the warmer.

Step 3

Turn the warmer on. Turn the knob on the front of the warmer to establishing 3. For smaller bottles, leave them in the warmer for 4 to 5 mins. For tool bottles, cozy them for 5 to 7 minutes and also for larger bottles, 6 to 7 1/2 minutes. Baby food containers need to be heated up for 4 1/2 to 5 minutes. Some special bottles from Avent use establishing 2.

Step 4

Remove the bottle or container from the warmer after the suitable time has passed. Evaluate the milk or food temperature before feeding your child to stay clear of burns.


Digital Bottle and Baby Food Warmer

Step 1

Place the warmer on a steady, level surface. Plug it in. Release the front catch on the lid, and also open the lid.

Step 2

Fill the warmer with 1 oz. of water for a container with components at room temperature, 5 oz. for a bottle with chilled components or a food container of child food that is either space temperature or cold.

Step 3

The area the filled up and also set up a baby bottle or food container in the warmer. Close the cover till the lock clicks in position. Hold the “Power/Mode Selection” button down for 3 secs to turn the warmer on.

Step 4

Press the “Power/Mode Choice” switch to pick the proper milk or food option. Press the “Quantity Selection/Start” switch to choose the correct amount of milk or food.

Step 5

Hold the “Volume Selection/Start” button down to start the warming cycle. When the warmer beeps for 30 seconds and all show lights flash, the cycle is complete.

Step 6

Open up the lid, very carefully, to launch any steam. Thoroughly, remove the bottle or container from the device with a tidy towel. Examine the temperature level of the milk or food prior to feeding your infant to prevent burns.

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