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Ways to Wean Your Child or Toddler Off the Bottle

So your kid has actually come of age and currently you are questioning how you can obtain your toddler off the bottle. For a fortunate few moms, it will certainly be as simple as going cold turkey. For the majority of you, it will certainly be much harder.

Thankfully, there are several tips for getting your infant off the bottle. Resolve the list below and at some point, you will certainly have your baby drinking from a cup in no time.

Start early

If your child knows exactly what a mug is as well as how it works after that he will certainly be much happier to consume from it when presented with it as opposed to his infant bottle.

In the weeks preceding the adjustment over allow your baby utilize the mug you plan to have him consuming out of in the bathroom. Let him hold it, pour water from it, consume, even mistake with it! By knowing with the mug he will be a lot more likely to accept it when provided a beverage from it.

Explore different mugs

Children are little people. You might need to explore a few various sorts of mugs before your youngster decides on one that such as.
When introducing new mugs, be sure to see just how your child engages with it. If he has the problem obtain the liquid out or turns down the cup totally it might be time to attempt a new one. You might discover the issue is as basic as your child not liking the feeling of the mug in his mouth.

Sippy Cups

So your child likes the bottle and also reveals no interest in transitioning to cup. An acting solution is a sippy mug (a spill proof cup). A sippy mug is a lot closer to a bottle than an opened mouth mug and numerous infants will happily approve the transition without too much fuss.

Some professionals discourage using a sippy cup entirely. Rather they recommend you jump directly to an open mouthed cup. The reasoning behind this is that you will ultimately wean your infant off the sippy mug too, successfully including an additional action to the entire discouraging process.

Regular mugs

Some children’s reckless and also simply do not like making use of sippy cups or fitness instructor cups. In this instance, you could supply them a routine mug. Plastic is better as you can be sure that this cup is going be up to over commonly.

Overcome the spills, only fill the cup with an inch approximately of fluid. This way, if the cup is spilled, mess won’t be a big trouble.
Some mommies report excellent success making use of a normal cup with a twisty straw. Youngsters enjoy watching the fluid spiral with the straw prior to lastly entering their mouth.

Sports water bottles

So you have tried the sippy cup and also regular cup without any luck? Some mommies state report great success with a sports canteen. Just make sure to examine that the bottle is BPA complimentary as some products targeted at grownups still include these nasties.


It is the little trick that your infant enjoys to imitate things you do. When presenting your child to his new cup, see to it you have his focus before taking a mouthful from his mug If your child sees you drinking from his cup after that chances are he will certainly want to have a go also.
Your child will certainly discover the proper way to drink from a mug by enjoying your actions. You could need to repeat the action many times prior to your youngster learns the correct strategy to consume alcohol.

If the incorrect alcohol consumption method is utilized, your child might quit drinking from a mug and also request his bottle simply due to the fact that he can’t get the fluid out. If your child can’t taste the liquid regardless of his best efforts after that this can be down right inhibiting.

You could keep your child trying to consume alcohol longer by going down a percentage of his beverage onto the rim or the mouth’s piece of the mug. If your child can taste the fluid, he will try tougher to obtain more, spurred on by what he believes is the preference of success.

Let your infant pick his cup.

You can obtain your baby accept surrendering the bottle by including your little one in the entire discouraging procedure, from start to finish. This technique is specifically efficient for older babies.

Beginning by letting your baby understand that it is time to quit the bottle. Next off, tell him that you are taking him to the look for him to pick his personal unique drinking mug. Your child will likely be delighted by the thought of this.
Take your infant to a store where there is a large option and also indicate the various cups that he could select from. If he points to bottles, carefully advise him that he is a big young boy currently and consumes alcohol from mugs, like Mom.

When you get home, use your kid a beverage from his brand-new cup. Your child is a lot more most likely to drink out of a mug that he has actually chosen out himself than any kind of you select for him.
If you are on a budget plan, you can even let your infant decorate his very own special cup using waterproof markers.

You might be surprised to locate that many of your youngster preferred characters come readily available printed on mugs. From Dora the Traveler to Batman, there is bound to be a cup that attracts your child. Visualized above are simply a few of the different layouts readily available.
When your child sees the mug with his favorite flick printed on the side you may discover that his old container is currently a second thought.

Maintain making use of bottles

Bare with me, it’s not as insane as it seems. If your baby hesitates to give up his container then keep using it for water. Reserve the mug for when supplying your baby his favorite beverage. Discuss that he can just have this drink if he utilizes his huge young boy mug.
At some point, your child will connect the cup with a scrumptious drink as well as abandon use of the bottle completely.

The progressive bottle swap

Much like any kind of dependency, it’s really tough to quit cold turkey. Bottle feeding is quite a baby dependency. One way to discourage your child off his container dependency is to gradually cut down.
Let’s say your baby was to drink three bottles of milk a day. One in the early morning, one in the afternoon and one at night. Just what you want to do is swap among these bottle feeding sessions out.

Rather than handing your baby a bottle for his morning feed, take him to the table and also deal milk from a cup. He could be reluctant initially however , with the mild inspiration you must be able to get him to warm up to the concept. Be sure to supply an explanation about why this meal is served out of a cup such as “You’re a large boy now and could consume alcohol from a cup, just like a mother”.

Maintain supplying the mid-day and evening time containers (unless your infant indicates that he desires the mug). A benefit of continuing the bottle for these sessions is that if your kid kicks up a stink that he desires his container in the morning, you could guarantee him that a person is coming later.
Advance for a week prior to exchanging the mid-day feeding over from the container to mug. Repeat prior to ultimately reducing the evening time infant container completely.

Have your child throw out his container

If your baby is older you can have him throw the baby bottles in the container. Describe to him that this is the begin of your infant being a huge child and that bottles are not required. While the motion is largely symbolic, it will assist to your youngster understand that these bottles are not returning.

Hidden, from mind

When attempting to discourage your child, keep all extra bottles hidden. Be particularly conscious when cleaning baby containers and also leaving them to completely dry that they are out of clear view in your infant.
If your infant can not see any kind of baby bottles around your house, after that he will certainly be much less most likely to request for one at feeding time. Take care as also a look of a bottle can return your infant back to requesting his drink be offered in one.

Make the mug taste much better

Okay, so this method is a little tricky however several moms report its success. This strategy relies on you making the milk in the cup taste better than the milk in the bottle.
Fill your child’s bottle, half with milk, fifty percent with water and existing it to your infant. Fill up your baby’s cup with undiluted milk as well as existing it to your infant along side your container. Let your infant taste the cup first before sampling the bottle.

Repeat this for a couple of days before gradually including, even more, water as well as much less milk to the bottle. Eventually, your infant will link the bottle with nasty tasting milk as well as desire the yummy milk that can be found in his cup.
A variation of this technique is to gradually load the bottle with much less and also less liquid while filling the cup with even more during a week or two. Ultimately there will be a little liquid in the child container and also your dehydrated infant will certainly need to drink out of the cup.

Offer a reward

Make a deal with your baby that you will certainly read him his preferred book or play his favorite game if he makes it via a day without his container. You could tailor offering a benefit to fit your scenario, it does not need to go an entire day without a bottle, it could just be him successfully replacing a private container feeding with a drink from a mug. Do what really feels right.

Do not worry the mess

If you have actually made it this much elevating your child after that you will ensure one point; Mess is particular. Part of your baby learning to consume alcohol goes together with learning how to tidy up spills. Have a look at the picture below. This is your life now.

Make the most of it, if your baby is of older age, hand him a towel or towel as well as allow to him use it to clean up water spills. You may be surprised simply just how much your baby enjoys doing this. While you might have to look at the location appropriately, teaching your baby to assist with household chores is never a poor suggestion.

If your child is a persistent mug spiller you could need to do something a bit extra extreme, such as a bathroom towel under the chair or on the table under his cup.

Cold turkey

This is going to require you to be an incredibly strong mom. This method will certainly worry you out no end, however, if you have tried every other technique to obtain your infant to go from bottle to cup then this could be your only choice.

Simply quit serving your child milk (or any other fluid for that issue) in a bottle and just use it in a cup. Your baby will grumble. As well as the groan. And scream. And squeal. Let him. Ultimately your kid will certainly obtain hungrily. At this phase your baby will, albeit begrudgingly, drink out of the cup.

Sing appreciation

Regardless of which technique you take, be sure to praise your baby for taking actions to wean off the bottle. Even if it is a single sip out a cup before returning to the bottle, a “well done” does not go astray.

In spite of your child’s mischievous grin recommending the contrary, deep down your little one seeks your approval. While you could not see immediate results, favorable statements will certainly make aid make your infant’s change from bottle to mug much easier.
Be conscious that you may have to try a combination of the above discouraging strategies to get your baby off the bottle.

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